About Us

Transportation of heavy vehicles from one place to another had become a leading problem for most vehicle owners—which created a need for an auto-transport service. It is a niche service that facilitates the transportation or shipping of vehicles across the country by means of a transportation company.

Next Mile Auto Transport is regarded as a family-owned company that was originated from Chicagoland. As an honest and friendly transportation company, we aim to provide superior and professional transportation services to our clients that reside throughout the USA. We take the responsibility of shipping cars light trucks, motorcycles in the USA for individuals, dealers, and manufacturer to their designated locations within a minimum span of time. We connect you with the leading and first-class auto carrier companies to guarantee a hassle-free shipment of your vehicle across the country.

The crew of Next Mile Auto Transport works with you at every stage of the shipment process. We take care of the shipment of your vehicle with care and delicacy, and we pay great attention to details while handling a transaction. We promise you a pleasant and smooth shipment experience. Our competent and qualified car technicians and auto-shipping advisors work closely with their clients to come up with practical solutions pertaining to the shipment of your vehicle. They will monitor the progress of your vehicle’s shipment, and they update you regarding its status from time to time.

We understand that the shipment of the vehicle from one place to another could be difficult and it could cause damage to your car or bikes, therefore; we have devised methods which make the transportation of your vehicle as simplistic and minimalistic as we can.

Our clients expect us to deliver exceptional and excellent vehicle shipment services to them, which is why we offer a plethora of services that cater to different requirements requested by our clients. We not only ship small-sized cars for our customers but, we also ship bikes, trucks, and motorcycles to their designated destination on behalf of our clients. Next Mile Auto Transport excels in providing:

•    Door-to-door shipping
•    Delivery to shipping terminals
•    Drip guards and tie downs
•    Open and enclosed auto transport