How are vehicle shipped? It’s not a question a good deal of people have answered, but there are still lots. But before we delve into the just how, we will need to discuss the what. Specifically, what makes a vehicle oversize?

Best auto shippers base rates on a normal vehicle. Believe that the Toyota Corolla. Rates are adjusted for things like SUV’s and pickup trucks and minivans, which cost more. But those are not considered”oversize.”

Oversize vehicles would be your box trucks, the trucks with higher clearance your vans and a lot of weight. As are Sprinter vans limousines are shipped as oversize vehicles. Oversize vehicles are often the most expensive items to ship because of their size and they need to be moved.

Let’s discuss the how today, shall we?

Oversize vehicles are transported normally on trucks. Some, like limousines, can theoretically be hauled to the rear of a transportation truck that was open. However, in those cases you often need to pay for 2 spots, which raises the prices significantly. That said, it’s easier to find an open transportation truck.

However, for the remaining oversize vehicles out there transport is the procedure of transportation required. Note we say”required” – flatbed transportation isn’t something you choose to just use. It is used in an as-needed basis.

Because of this, it’s important to speak with your representative concerning the dimensions of your vehicle. Oversize vehicles need to be quoted based on size, which means when getting quotes, you’ll need its length, height, width, and weight. We recommend phoning us to receive a quote to send your vehicle. You can get a cheap car shipping.

At the conclusion of the afternoon, sending a vehicle works the same. In order to get it shipped properly it needs a bit more time, and a little more cash.

Here we take pride in knowing how to transport almost any vehicle of any dimension. So give us a call and see how we can help you to get your vehicle delivered.

Desire a quote to ship a vehicle?

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