Auto Transport, Cross Country: From Start to Finish

Transport Car Across Country is the procedure for shipping your car or truck across the United States. While browsing for cross country shipping services, where should you begin? In this helpful article we will provide you a quick explanation of all of the pertinent details which you’ll need to be aware of when it comes to car transport cross country.

Step 1: Get A Car Shipping Quote

It all begins with a quote. Getting as many vehicle transport quotes as possible is a great way to weed through the sea of various companies that provide car transport cross country and find the right one for you.

We recommend getting as many quotations as you can, but at least five or ten, as the longer you’ve got the better a decision you are going to be able to make. You can complete our free vehicle shipping quote form to get an instant quote – we will be able to help you send to or from anywhere in the U.S.

Whether you choose to ship with us or not, as soon as you settle on a cross country provider, you have to book your shipment with them. Most companies ask you to call a telephone number and speak to a live representative who will take all the necessary information from you, while others allow you to fill it all out yourself online (we are one of those companies).

Step 2: Organize For Vehicle Pickup/Ship Vehicle

The auto transport company you book with will then search your area to get a vehicle , or carrier, to haul your vehicle throughout the country. You may contact us any time in our toll-free telephone number to address a broker and receive your shipment started.

When the carrier is shut they will allow you to supply more detailed directions on the specific pickup location, if needed. When the carrier is there, you and him will do a review of the car, then it’s loaded on the car transport cross country trailer and shipped throughout the nation.

During transport, your best approach to keep tabs on your vehicle is to call your representative. They’ll be able to provide you with additional info, and you can also discuss payment options together or ask any other questions that you may have. Car transport across the nation can take up to fourteen days, be prepared to be without your automobile for that long. Shipping a car throughout the nation is expensive, and you ought to be prepared to pay the sum that’s required if you don’t don’t need your vehicle to move.

Step 3: Receive At Shipping Destination

You’ll also have to pay your driver his portion of the shipment charge on delivery in case a broker put up vehicle transport cross country for a cash on delivery shipment (which is really the most common payment method).

Get An Auto Shipping Quote

Ready to get started? Get your price with our online car shipping calculator today to learn your price and when you can get your vehicle transferred.