What We Transport


Next Mile Auto Transport excels in shipping cars light trucks, motorcycles in the USA for individuals, dealers, and manufacturers. Our services cater to the following mode of transportation:

Domestic Motorcycles Transport Service

As a leading company in the auto-shipping company, Next Mile Auto Transport can accommodate the shipment of your domestic motorcycles. We execute our services in 48 states of the United States of America.


Covered Auto Transport

Next Mile Auto Transport has earned the reputation for providing secure and protected shipment of your car from one place to another. We make sure that your car is transported to its nominated location securely and on time. We widely cater car dealers in case of lease return, dealer trades or who buy cars from various auto-auctions.



The shipment of light trucks could be challenging to execute, which is why many auto-transportation companies refuse to ship them across the state or the border for their clients. At Next Mile Auto Transport, we transport light trucks for you.

Next Mile Auto Transport provides terminal-to-terminal auto transportation services to its clients. We introduce to your shipping coordinator who will cater to your terminal-to-terminal auto transportation concerns. We aim to provide you with an adaptable storage and drop-off options.

Door to Door Car Shipping

Next Mile Auto Transport also provides door to door transport services to the clients who preferred to have their vehicles picked up from their location, and have it dropped at the given destination. We offer express shipping to our clients who want to have their vehicle shipped within a minimum span of time.

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How we transport cars

What is Open Auto Transport?

Open trailer car transport is the most popular type of car shipping from one state to another. Ship a car in an open carrier is much easier and faster than an enclosed auto transport. Each open carrier can take an average of 8-10 vehicles per trip, which significantly reduces the car shipping cost.

What is Enclosed Car Shipping?

Enclosed car shipping is one of the types of auto transport services that provides the highest protection to your car. It will be the best choice if you want to transport an expensive classic or luxury car. Enclosed trailers carry several vehicles in one trip, on average, no more than seven cars.

What type of auto transport will be better for me?

Before shipping your car, you need to answer a few questions. We have prepared for you a few points that will help you make the right decision.

  • Do you think about your car as an investment?
  • Do you worry about the weather? Snow or rain?
  • Do you concern about all kinds of external pollutants, such as dust?
  • Is your car old or has a custom/unique body paint?
  • Do you need extra theft protection?

What is the difference between the price of open car transport and enclosed car transport?

It will be more expensive to ship your car with a covered car shipping than an open one because the price includes additional protection for your vehicle. The price difference can vary between 30% – 40%. To get an exact estimate of your trip cost, use our easy-to-use car shipping calculator.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Next Mile Auto Transport serve car dealers in the case of a lease return or dealer traders who preffer to purchase their cars from auto-auctions that include; Manheim, Adessa, Copart, IAA, etc.

We have the widest car carriers network that covers all 48 states of the US.

We also ship vehicles for those who are moving out from their current residence, purchase vehicles from other states, for students, for anyone who wants their car to be shipped to another location safely—whether their car is operable or inoperable.